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Suzanne Dion Enneagram Teacher and Coach, Speaker and Author
Self-awareness Educator for Personal and Relational Well-being and Self-recovery

A deeply committed enthusiast of the Enneagram system for personal and professional self-awareness, Suzanne completed the teacher certification process with the Palmer-Daniels Enneagram Professional Training School, now called The Narrative Enneagram (TNE), in 2008. One of her driving goals continues to be to increase the self-awareness and spiritual consciousness of women, particularly mothers, as the mental health of society, she believes, is gravely dependent on the mental health, sense of security, and emotional stability of the women amongst us who are raising children —  our society's future adults.

Suzanne is also an advocate of bringing self-awareness Enneagram-focused training — as an original Founding Board Member and Teacher of the Enneagram Prison Project — to the marginalized and those currently and formerly incarcerated, having worked intensely with both male and femaile inmates, minimum to maximum secuirty, at institutions such as San Quentin Federal Prison, San Mateo County Jail, and Santa Clara County's Main Jail and the Elmwood Correctional Facility.

Suzanne is devoted to the process of developing our cognitive-emotional capacities in order to bring a full and more integrated sovereign self, and a more healthfully vulnerable self, to ourselves and hence, our relationships. She is also experienced and passionately well versed in the destructive issues and resulting complex traumas associated with narcissistic abuse and pathological relational dynamics.

For Enneagram Coaching or Teaching, or Relational Abuse Recovery Coaching, please contact Suzanne via email or call 831 359 0332 >>


Now an author, Suzanne co-wrote the newly released book, The Enneagram, Relationships, and Intimacy: Understanding One Another Leads to Loving Better and Living More Fully with her mentor David Daniels, M.D., (NOW ON AMAZON >>) in order to bring the wisdom of the Enneagram alongside Dr. Dan Siegel's Mindful Awareness and Attachment research and teachings to bettering human relationships and intimacy — with both self and other — as well as bring these pivotal understandings to parents and children, intimate relational partnering, educational systems, and to societies as a whole.

Bringing this book to life was the passionate focus of much of David's time, exploration, and thought the last many years of his life and was an honor for co-author Suzanne Dion to see through to completion. Suzanne brings her years of study of the Enneagram and human development, and her deep study of early childhood trauma's impact on our personality's well-being, to her work, this book, and her Enneagram teaching and coaching. This book holds David and Suzanne's endearing understanding of being human, our deep need for self- and other-compassion, and brings forth their devotion to contributing to a more loving human experience all the way around — starting critically from childhood on up, so that we may create more loving, self-secure people, more loving relationships, and a more loving world.

"What is the Enneagram" published in
SHAPE MAGAZINE March 2020 >>

"It’s Our Relationship to Ourselves That Makes or Breaks Our Relationships With Others — the Enneagram Can Make a Difference" by Suzanne Dion, published in The Shift Network online newsletter, December 2021 >>

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